HSD-Blessington transport initiative

The High School is delighted to announce the introduction of a new transport link from the HSD car park to Blessington via Terenure, Templeogue, and Tallaght every day after school with effect from Monday 3rd October at 1555 (and every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 1555 and Wednesday at 1315 thereafter) until further notice.  It will also be possible for pupils living along the route from HSD to Blessington to use this service on a daily basis if they wish to do so.

The service will be provided by 'Express Bus' whose company name will be clearly displayed on the side of the vehicle; all 'Express Bus' drivers are Garda Vetted in accordance with current legislation.  The cost will be 90c (cash only) for any stage of the one-way journey; please note that Leap Cards cannot be used for this service.  However, Leap Cards remain valid for all inward Dublin Bus routes (including the No 65 bus) in the usual way.  If you have any queries about this development please do not hesitate to contact the Office.