Staff, 2018-19


Mr G A Forrest, MA (TCD, Oxford), QTS (Gloucestershire)

Deputy Principals

    • Ms V B Connolly, BA (Hons) (NUI), PGCE (St Mary’s)
    • Mr R J Davies, BA (Mod), H Dip Ed (Hons) (TCD)
    • Mr P H McCaughey, BA (Hons) (NUI), MA (CEU), H Dip Ed (Hons) (NUI), H Dip Psych (QQI), MA Ed Psych (NUI)


Teaching Staff

      • Ms E Beamish, BA (Hons) (Exeter), PGCE (QUB), Dip Journ & Media St (ICM)
      • Ms P Bergin, BEd (Hons) (TCD)
      • Ms B Bourke, BA, BMus (Hons), HDip Ed (Hons) (NUI)
      • Ms M Browne, BSc Ed (Hons), PGDE (Hons), GDETM (DCU), CELT (ACELS)
      • Dr S Brusey, BSc (Hons), PhD (NUI), PDE (Hons) (TCD)
      • Dr U Budd, BA, BAI, MSc, PhD, PGDE (Hons) (TCD)
      • Ms M Burrowes, BA (First class honours) (DCU), H Dip Ed (First class honours) (NUI), Dip Comm (DIT)
      • Mr R Connolly, BA (Hons) (HETAC)
      • Ms J Deacon, BSc (Michigan State), H Dip Maths Stud (Hons), PDE (Hons) (NUI)
      • Ms A Deane, BSc (Hons), PDE (Hons) (NUI)
      • Mr S Deane, BSc (Hons), BA (First class honours), PME (Hons) (DCU)
      • Ms L Dowling, BA (Hons), PME (Hons) (NUI)
      • Ms B Duggan, BA (Mod), PDE (Hons) (TCD)
      • Ms N Fallon, BA (Mod), PGDE (Hons) (TCD)
      • Ms G Fitzgerald, BA (Hons) (DCU), H Dip Ed (Hons), MA (Hons), MEd (First class honours) (NUI)
      • Mr P Fitzpatrick, BA (Hons) (Glamorgan), H Dip Ed (Hons) (TCD)
      • Ms J Garland, BSc Ed (Hons) (DCU)
      • Ms S Garnett, BEd (Hons) (NUI)
      • Mr R Giles, MA (Oxford), PGCE (King’s College London)
      • Mr J Glacken, BA (Hons) (NUI), MPhil (TCD) 
      • Ms S Gray, BA (Hons), MA (NUI), PGDE (Hons) (TCD)
      • Mr M Griffin, BA (DCU), PGCE (Leeds)
      • Ms H Hanley, BA (Hons), PME (Hons) (NUI)
      • Ms R Hession, BEd (Hons) (NUI)
      • Mr R Hilliard, BSc Ed (First class honours) (UL)
      • Ms A Horan, BA (NUI), H Dip Ed (NUI)
      • Mr D Howard, BA (Hons) (HETAC)
      • Ms S Hutchinson-Edgar, BA (Mod), H Dip Ed (Hons) (TCD)
      • Mr P Irwin, MA, H Dip Ed (NUI)
      • Ms S Jones, BA (Hons) (Lancaster), PGCE (Liverpool)
      • Ms H Killane, BA (Hons) (NCAD), MA Fine Art (First class honours) (Ulster), H Dip ADT (Hons) (NCAD)
      • Ms S Lally, BA (Hons), PDE (First class honours) (NUI)
      • Ms R Lyons, BA (Hons) (HETAC), H Dip Ed (Hons) (TCD), MA (QUB)
      • Ms E MacGowan, BA (Hons) (NUI), GDE (Hons) (UL)
      • Mr A Malin, BA (Hons) (Newman), QTS (UK)
      • Ms A March, BA (Mod), PDE (Hons) (TCD)
      • Ms P May, BA (Mod) (TCD), PGDE (Birmingham)
      • Mr L McBride, BSc (Hons), H Dip Comp Sc (Hons), H Dip Ed (Hons) (NUI)
      • Ms R McDonnell, BA (Mod), H Dip Ed (Hons) (TCD), Dip Guidance (First class honours) (UCD)
      • Mr B McNamara, BBS, Dip in Ed (UL)
      • Ms A Meeke, Cert Sport and Recreation, Cert Sport Development (QQI)
      • Mr L Middleton, BSc Ed (First Class Honours) (GMIT)
      • Mr D Miller, BA, H Dip Ed (NUI)
      • Mr J Milofsky, BA (Mod) (TCD), PDE (Hons) (NUI)
      • Ms R Missen, BA (Hons), H Dip Ed (Hons) (NUI)
      • Mr D Mulligan, BA (Hons), PDE (Hons) (NUI)
      • Mr A O’Sullivan, BTech Ed (Hons) (UL)
      • Ms S O’Toole, BA (Hons) (DCU), PDE (NUI)
      • Mr P Prendergast, BA, H Dip Ed (NUI)
      • Ms S Quinn, BA, H Dip Ed (Hons) (TCD)
      • Mr C Rankin, BA (First class moderator) (TCD), PGDE (First class honours) (NUI), MSc (Hons) (TCD)
      • Mrs C Reilly, BSc (Hons) (Loughborough), H Dip Ed (Hons) (TCD)
      • Ms K Rogers, BA (Hons), BA (Hons) (NUI), MA (Hons) (IADT), PDE (Hons) (NUI)
      • Ms E Roullet, BA (Hons) (Anger), H Dip Ed (Hons) (TCD)
      • Ms A Rugg, BA (Hons) (Coventry), PGCE (Warwick)
      • Ms M Smith, BA (First class moderator) (TCD), PGDE (Hons), MSc (First class honours) (NUI)
      • Miss A Stevenson, BA (Mod) (TCD), PGCE (QUB), TEFL Cert, Dip Rem Ed (CICE)
      • Mr R Sullivan, BSc Ed (First class honours) (ITT), PGDE (First class honours) (UL)
      • Mr J Swanwick, BA (Mod) (TCD)
      • Mr S Tevlin, BA (Hons) (NUI), PGCE (Manchester Metropolitan)
      • Ms D Thorp, BE (First class honours), H Dip Ed (First class honours) (NUI)
      • Mr P Urwin
      • Mr E Wahlrab, BA (Hons) (DCU)
      • Ms C Walker, BA (Mod), MPhil (Hons), PGDE (First class honours) (TCD)
      • Mr R Walker, BEd (Hons) (Greenwich)
      • Ms A Whelan, BA (Hons), MSc (Hons), MEd (TCD)
      • Dr C Whitford, BSc (Hons), PhD, PGCE (Newcastle)
      • Mr I Wilkinson, BA (First class moderator), H Dip Ed (Hons) (TCD)
      • Mrs J Wilson, MA (First class honours) (Glasgow), PGDE (First class honours) (NUI)


Finance and Estates Bursar

      • Mr K D Poole, BBS (TCD), FCA


Admissions Officer

  • Ms J Jamieson, BSc (Hons) (Open)



      • Ms P Wiggle, NZLSC, RGN, BNS (Hons) (TCD), BSc (Open), MSc (TCD)


Administration Staff

      • Mrs J Leech, BSc (Hons) (Middlesex)
      • Ms D Shaw
      • Ms J Smith, MIATI


Principal’s Secretary

      • Mrs J McPhillips



      • Mr A Phelan, BA (First Class Hons) (DCU), MFA (RIT, NY), Cert Archival & Preservation Studies (GEH, NY)



      • Ms U Bingel, DNS, RGN


Catering Manager

      • Ms K O'Leary


School Sergeant

      • Mr P Reck



      • Mr B O’Donovan



      • Mr P Reck


Special Needs Assistants 

      • Mrs E Delaney
      • Ms M Murphy



    • Mr S McDonnell
    • Mr J O'Brien