Admissions PROCESS

The High School is a vibrant and dynamic educational community of over 800 pupils which provides a first-class education for girls and boys from Church of Ireland families and other Protestant denominations.  It also welcomes applications from those of other Christian denominations, those of other faiths, and those of none.  In this respect, the admissions process is open to all regardless of background on condition that families whose children are offered a place at the school in accordance with its Admission Policy agree to uphold and adhere to the core values, spirit, attitudes, and aspirations outlined in the Ethos Statement throughout their time at The High School.  The Admission Policy should be read in conjunction with the Annual Admission Notice for the school year concerned. 

An Expression of Interest Form to allow The High School to make a record of those wishing to enrol their child at a future date may be viewed here and will be made available in hard copy to any person on request.  The purpose of this form is to create a list of those requesting the distribution of an application form for the stated term and year at the appropriate time.  The completion and submission of this form does not represent an application for admission and is not a factor in the allocation of places at The High School.  Those who have returned an Expression of Interest Form will be sent an Application Form in the year of proposed enrolment at the School. 

The Application Form for admission to The High School may be viewed here and will be made available in hard copy to any person on request.  All applications should be submitted on the approved Application Form during the Admissions Application Period.  An application submitted prior to the Admissions Application Period will not be processed.  Only those Application Forms that have been completed in full, signed, dated, and submitted by the closing date accompanied by the relevant supporting documentation (including a Certificate of Affiliation where necessary) will be considered.  A copy of the Ethos Statement and the Code of Behaviour will be sent to each applicant at the appropriate time.  It should be noted that submission of an Application Form does not confer a right to admission nor does it guarantee a place at the School.  It is a requirement of admission to The High School that the parent(s)/guardian(s) of a prospective pupil confirm in writing when required by the Principal that the Code of Behaviour is acceptable to them and that they shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure compliance with such code by the pupil in accordance with section 23 (4) of the Education (Welfare) Act 2000.

The High School has adopted a revised Admission Policy to comply with the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018.  The practical implications of changes in legislation for future admission to The High School are outlined as follows:

2023 Applicants onwards

If before 1st February 2020, you applied for a place commencing in September 2023 or later you will need to reapply by completing and submitting an Application Form during the Admissions Application Period in October of the year before your desired entry date. Your initial application will be considered an Expression of Interest only.  Any application fee already paid will be transferred to your new application.  A substantial fee deposit will be required if you are offered a place.  The fee deposit is not refundable in the case of an application which is later cancelled or withdrawn.

You are welcome to complete and submit an Expression of Interest Form for Form 1 entry at any time by downloading the form and returning it with a non-refundable administration fee of €50.

In line with current legislation an Annual Admission Notice is published each September with details of the application process for the following academic year. This contains details of application and decision dates, numbers of places available/applications received, and the number of places offered.

Form 2 - 6 Applicants

You may apply for a place at The High School in years other than Form 1 at any time.  Any available places will be allocated in accordance with the selection criteria listed in the Admission Policy.  Any offer is conditional on the payment of a fee deposit in full.