Application Form

All applications must be submitted on the official school application form.  The attention of prospective
parents is drawn to the rules, regulations, and undertakings contained in the application form.  It is emphasized that the admission of pupils to The High School is dependent on these rules, regulations, and undertakings being observed and upheld by prospective parents throughout.  The Code of Behaviour of the school contains our policy on matters of serious discipline including suspensions and expulsions.  This document is published in the Information for parents and pupils booklet each year which is available from the school on request.

If you are applying from outside Ireland, please print the application form, complete it, and post it to the school.  Please note that the whole form must be sent; excerpts are not accepted.   A signed, faxed copy will be accepted provisionally with the original sent later by post.  E-mail applications can only be accepted if the signed and completed form has been scanned and attached (as a jpeg or pdf) with the original to follow by post.  Enquiries by e-mail are also welcome.  An approximate guide to the appropriate year group for prospective pupils is as follows: Junior Certificate - age 12/13, Form 1; age 13/14, Form 2; age 14/15, Form 3; Transition Year - age 15/16, Form 4; Leaving Certificate - age 16/17, Form 5; age 17/18, Form 6.  Please note that we are not a boarding school, we do not accept guardianship for pupils, and we do not arrange accommodation or guardianship.  It is necessary for a pupil from abroad to have an adult, English-speaking guardian resident in Ireland (with whom the pupil will be living) and to have the appropriate arrangements in place with the Department of Justice and Equality for study in Ireland if normally resident outside the European Union.