Religious Education




Mrs S Hutchinson Edgar (Subject Co-ordinator)
Mr S Deane
Mr C Rankin

Subject Overview

Religious Education (RE) aims to develop a range of skills and capabilities in preparing pupils for life and work. As a subject, Religious Education helps to encourage critical thinking and supports students in preparing reasoned and evidenced arguments. Students are given the opportunity to gain cultural understanding and to see faith and belief as interconnected with society both locally and globally. Students acquire a deep appreciation of the diverse beliefs, values and traditions which contribute to the communities and cultures in which we live. Furthermore, students are exposed to ethical and moral debate and have the opportunity to understand how moral decisions are formulated alongside the theory behind various schools of ethical thought.

Junior Cycle

At The High School we follow the NCCA syllabus which includes both project and journal work. We use a range of resources to enhance student understanding ‘of’ and ‘from’ religion which includes the use of Religions in the Modern World, written by Mrs S Hutchinson Edgar (Subject Co-ordinator).  Multimedia resources, including computer based learning are used to encourage project and research work.

Transition Year

This is a six week course which exposes students to some of the big questions of life. Key topics which are covered are:

-      Moral and Ethical Issues

-      Understanding Global Issues

During this course students have the opportunity to develop their debating skills and the art of formulating a well-balanced argument.

Senior Cycle

Help can be given to students wishing to take either the Leaving Certificate examination in RE or the Biblical Studies Matriculation examination for Trinity College, Dublin.

Career Opportunities



Community Work

Social Work






Youth Work

Additional information

Religious Education at The High School reflects our ethos in developing the full potential of all. Classes are mixed ability and students explore how many religions, particularly Christian religions, have shaped the Ireland we live in today.  The High School values the teaching of World Religions so that students can further their understanding of the multi-cultural world in which they live and respect each person’s choice of belief with genuine awareness and appreciation.