Politics and Society


Ms G Fitzgerald (Subject Co-ordinator)

Politics and Society is an exciting and dynamic syllabus which is open to Leaving Certificate pupils at The High School.  In exploring the theories of sixteen key social and political thinkers, the subject aims to inform pupils about how social and political institutions work at local (school and community), national, and global levels.  It also aims to develop critical thinking skills whilst encouraging active citizenship.

The course covers the following topics:

•    Power and decision-making
•    Active Citizenship
•    Human rights and responsibilities
•    Globalisation
•    Sustainable development

Politics and Society is assessed at two levels, Ordinary level and Higher level.  There are two assessment components at each level – a written examination which accounts for 80% of the final grade and a citizenship project which accounts for 20%.  The citizenship project enables pupils to research a topic and take an active citizenship action based on their research.  In their report pupils describe their action and reflect on their role as an active citizen in light of their studies.

Politics and Society and further third-level study
Politics and Society will prove beneficial to pupils who pursue further study in the areas of the social sciences, humanities, or law.  It may be particularly useful to specific courses in the areas of politics, history, sociology, law, anthropology, philosophy, media studies, development studies, and many more.  The skills of critical thinking and active citizenship as developed through this subject are becoming increasingly essential and relevant to everyday life as well as to future studies.