Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle curriculum at The High School is delivered in Forms 1, 2, and 3 leading to a public examination for the Junior Certificate awarded by the State Examination Commission.  All pupils attend classes in the following subjects:

English; Irish; Mathematics; History; Geography; General Science; Civic, Social, and Political Education (CSPE); Religious Education; Physical Education; Social, Personal, and Health Education (SPHE); and Musicianship.

The first eight of the above subjects will be presented by all pupils in the Junior Certificate examinations at the end of Form 3.  Two further examination subjects are chosen and studied until the end of Form 3, one from each of the following option groups: 

Group A  -  Art, Craft, and Design; Business Studies; Classical Studies; French; Home Economics; Materials Technology (Wood); and Music.           

Group B  -  Art, Craft, and Design; Business Studies; French; German; and Technical Graphics.

You will find further information and advice about subject choice in the Junior Cycle curriculum booklet which is available on demand - please contact office@highschooldublin.com for details.