Home Economics


Ms P Bergin (Subject Co-ordinator)
Ms S Toolan

Subject Overview

Home Economics has a direct relevance to the present and future life of every young person. It is a subject through which pupils learn how to take care of themselves, others, their home, and their environment.

Home Economics combines aspects of Science, Nutrition, Consumer and Social Studies as well as practical Culinary and Textile Skills. Pupils learn about the inter-relationships between diet, health, family, home, and resource management.

Home Economics provides pupils with knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes necessary for managing their own lives, for further and higher education, and work (Food Industry, Clothing Textile and Craft Industries, Tourism, and Social and Health Services).

Cross-Curricular Links

Home Economics is beneficial when studying the following subjects: Art, Business Studies, CSPE, English, Geography, Materials Technology (Wood), Mathematics, Religious Education, Science, SPHE, and Technical Graphics.